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Kosher Certificate

Kosher Certificate

Known around the world

KC Kosher Certification is a recognized kosher certification agency based in Munich since 2013. We cooperate with leading rabbis and assist companies around the world in optimising and selling their products. In times when consumers are distrustful due to food scandals and food allergies, a Kosher certification is a clear and recognisable sign. It symbolizes the highest product quality and purity - and is thus a guarantor for people from all over the world who expect a high quality of food as Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, nutrition-conscious vegans, vegetarians and consumers of organic products.

As an accredited certification body, we assist companies on their way to acquire the kosher certificate in terms of:

* advisory
* auditing documents
* production control/inspection
* certifying
* recertifying

Partner of leading companies
You can depend on our knowledge, experience and highly flexible services no matter the location or industry of your company. We operate on the entire world as a credible business partner and trusted service provider strictly following the strict kosher rules.

Numerous large and medium-sized enterprises optimised their products thanks to the kosher certificate, opening to new markets and securing a competitive advantage on the constantly expanding natural products market.

Who receives a kosher certificate and for what products?
The kosher sign called “Hechscher“ in Hebrew is important for manufacturers of foods and dietary supplements. Suppliers of ingredients for foods and cosmetics also benefit from the kosher certificate. The kosher sign proves your partners and customers that you are a trustworthy company that consistently use safe raw materials and additives and maintains the highest hygiene standards in the production process.

Today, when over 90% of food on the market being pre-processed, mixed with other products, or filled with additives, an independent kosher certification raises in importance. It assures the followers of the Jewish faith that they can use the product without breaking their religious rules, while for those self-conscious, consumers of organic products, vegetarians and even vegans, the kosher seal is a proof that the product is pure and safe to use, also in terms of animal welfare.

The certification process - three steps to acquire the Kosher certificate

Step 1 - analysis and documentation

The certification process begins with ingredient analysis of the products. To achieve this goal, we need a detailed list of products and a separate list of their ingredients. For the purpose of this analysis, we will send you sample forms which you should fill out completely and return to us. We will identify non-kosher ingredients and recommend matching kosher alternatives.

Additionally, we will need to receive a complete and detailed documentation concerning:

* the exact course of the production process
* description of storing, shipping and packaging
* HACCP plans and CCPs, if there are any
* production flowchart

These documents will allow us to carry out a document audit.

This will allow us to verify whether your products can be provided with a kosher certificate.

Step 2 - on-site audit
If your products can be provided with a kosher certificate, we will be able to carry out an on-site audit. For this purpose, we will agree with you upon a date of the audit, at least two weeks in advance.

Step 3 - the kosher certificate
After the audit, we will immediately issue your Kosher certificates and provide you with your KOSHER logo / label for use on your office equipment, promotional materials and packaging. A kosher certificate must be re-certified after one year.

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